MiCOM P40 Series Goes Agile

                      New Optos | New Power Supply | Fresh Image


  The P40 philosophy has taken a significant shift: the previous emphasis on communication has now become a  focus which secures our leadership.  Alstom has taken major steps beyond MiCOM.  To mark this new phase of evolution, a new brand “P40 Agile” is available to order.  P40 Agile is a mark of MiCOM excellence, offered only by Alstom.  MiCOM P40 Agile is an integral part of our digital substation range, delivering high performance in DS Agile digital substation control systems.


      What’s New:

       Fresh white image, aligned with P14N/P14D/P94V models and MU Agile AMU

       New opto (binary) inputs with market-leading immunity to substation EMC and induced interference

       New power supply module redesigned to boost in-service reliability – quality built-in

       P40 Agile now extends beyond 20 and 30TE compact devices, to include 40/60/80TE modular


                           ORDER BOOK OPEN NOW  -  DESPATCHES START 25th NOVEMBER



                                                                        MiCOM P40 Agile

                                                           Modular range order book now open