MiCOM Alstom P14x IEDs software release
NEW Software 51 - Order Book Open

The MiCOM ALSTOM Feeder Management IEDs are now available with software 51. This software allows new enhancements and protection improvements, in P141-5 range of products.

The software 51 new features:

• New model option in P143 with 48 inputs and 16 outputs in a 80TE case (option letter P). This reduces Customer’s additional hardware for signalling and interlocking purpose.
• New minimum over current and earth fault protection setting, reduced to 5% from the existing 8% for applications with very high fault current.
• New addition of 8 sets of switch control logic, LN XSWI for controlling / monitoring of disconnectors and earth switches.
• Sum of switched amperes modelled on XCBR in IEC61850.