IEEE 1686-2007 is an IEEE Standard for substation IEDs' cyber security capabilities. It proposes


practical and achievable mechanisms to achieve secure operations.




The following features described in this standard apply to Alstom Grid Px40 relays:


  • Passwords are 8 characters long and can contain upper-case, lower-case, numeric and special characters.

  • Passwords are never displayed or transmitted to a user.

  • IED functions and features are assigned to different password levels. The assignment is fixed.

  • Record of an audit trail listing events in the order in which they occur, held in a circular buffer.

  • Records contain all defined fields from the standard and record all defined function event types where the function is supported.

  • No password defeat mechanism exists. Instead a secure recovery password scheme is implemented.

  • Unused ports (physical and logical) may be disabled.