Utilities are increasingly turning to integration and automation to enhance power system performance and reliability. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are the cornerstone of their efforts. Installed throughout the utility, they protect the network, monitor critical equipment, detect problems, and prevent outages.
However, IEDs are produced by a variety of manufacturers and feature proprietary technologies as well as multiple protocols and data formats, with little or no security. This can create a maintenance and compliance nightmare.
TCCL Cyber Security Solution helps solve these problems. Not only does it integrate all IEDs into a cohesive, manageable whole, it also provides complete, enterprise-wide access to operational and non-operational data in a highly secure environment.
With thousands of IEDs being deployed in substations and in the field utilities are now faced with a growing management and compliance challenge.

TCSS Suite provides utilities with the tools necessary to manage their fleet of intelligent devices in a secure and automated manner:

• Keep track of IED inventory
• Provide compliance reports and auditable logs
• Provide secure remote access
• Retrieve fault records, SOE, and oscillography
• Manage device configuration settings
• Manage passwords
• Manage firmware and settings updates

TCSS Suite is composed of the following software modules:

• Enterprise Gateway: Manages communications with field devices
• Security Server: Provides authentication and authorization services, ties in to Microsoft® Active Directory®
• Passthrough Manager: Provides secure remote maintenance access, auto-login, command filtering
• Configuration Manager: Retrieves device settings, monitors for change
• Password Manager: Updates device passwords
• Update Manager: Updates device firmware
• Event Manager: Retrieves fault records, SOE, and oscillography