The acceleration of distributed energy resources (DER) deployment imposes new challenges to electric distribution utilities. Handling the volume of interconnection applications and assessing the effects of each new installation on the distribution system require dedicated resources and tools. The CYME DER Impact Evaluation module enable engineers to perform generation interconnection system impact studies within minutes rather than hours through the automation of a series of repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone verifications.





For the DER applications the four modules that are available are listed below :


CYME Integration Capacity analysis

CYME DER Impact Evaluation

CYME Network Disturbance Assessment



All the above are steady state analyses.


If your need is for Time Based Analysis you can get:


CYME long-term Dynamics which works well with single phase and three phase distributed generation.


All depends on what kind of distributed generation and what kind of analyses you want to run.


Our team can set up a Webinar to introduce you to CYME capabilities for DER and a demonstration, if you have interest. 


Just let us know how we can help.