We will be launching our MiCOM ALSTOM Protection Relays with Process Bus in Q3 2012.

The models available with Process Bus Interface are:-
1. MiCOM ALSTOM P444 - Full-Scheme Distance

2. MiCOM ALSTOM P446 - Subcycle Distance Protection with Intergral Teleprotection and one or two breaker reclosing

3. MiCOM ALSTOM P546 - Line Differential for 2 or 3 terminal lines, with subcycle distance and one or two breaker reclosing

4. MiCOM ALSTOM P645 - Transformer Differential for up to 5 ends, with advanced loss-of-life thermal monitoring

5. MiCOM ALSTOM P746 - Numerical Busbar Protection

6. MiCOM ALSTOM P841 - Transmission Line Terminal IED, for backup, reclose and breaker fail management

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our sale representative.