MiCOM S1 Agile V1.0 - Now Available

MiCOM S1  -  Moving forwards with Agility

MiCOM S1 Agile is the truly universal PC tool for MiCOM for the first time.  No-longer are separate tools required for redundant Ethernet configuration, phasor measurement unit commissioning, busbar scheme operational dashboards, programmable curve profiles or automatic disturbance record extraction – all applications are embedded.  MiCOM S1 Agile supports all existing MiCOM, K-Series and Modulex, including a utility for automatic conversion of setting files from previous generations of numerical relays like K-series and MiCOM P20 to the latest P40 Agile models.

S1 Agile offers a fresh new look - functions and components are presented as “tiles” rather than menu items.

Please click the below link to register and you'll be send a link for you to download the MiCOM S1 AGILE V1.0 Software.


Please migration from S1 Studio v3.4.1 to S1 Agile v1.0. This is an Alstom development, whose IP is not shared with other.

When upgrading to MiCOM S1 Agile it will automatically import your datamodels and configured systems/projects from Studio.

Key features in the MiCOM S1 family:

  • Alstom Grid's integrated engineering tool that provides users with access to all automation IED configuration and record data
  • Integrated configuration and monitoring features
  • Send and extract setting files  
  • Event and disturbance record extraction and analysis
  • S1 Agile only:  Integrated programmable curve tool and RSTP redundant Ethernet configuration for protection relays
  • S1 Agile only:  Integrated automatic extraction of disturbance records facility
  • S1 Agile only:  Integrated P740 and P746 remote HMI and topology tools for busbar schemes

Key benefits:

  • Powerful, free of charge, PC toolsuite
  • Optimum management of the installed base, structured as per the substation topology
  • Intuitive and versatile interface with file management facilities
  • Logical structure based on substation, voltage level and bay
  • Version control and cross-checking facilities for IED settings
  • Real-time measurement visualization - S1 Agile extends to all IEDs - including P847 PMU and busbar schemes
  • S1 Agile only:  Convert K-series and P20 series settings files to MiCOM P40 Agile relay equivalents - the future for distribution and industry protection
  • S1 Agile only:  Select the latest substation IEDs from the extensive MiCOM Alstom, MiCOM P40 Agile and MiDOS ranges
  • S1 Agile only:  Windows 7 compatibility