We are about to supply the first process bus protection system to one of Thailand large utility. The Agile AMU, ALSTOM MiCOM Px4x with process bus interface to be supplied in substation to replace the exisitng conventional hard wiring at 115kV bay.


The key element of the new system is ALSTOM GRID´s Agile AMU and ALSTOM MiCOM Px4x protective relay. The process bus architecture implemented is a multivendor IEC 61850-9.1LE communications network and an IEC 61850-9-2 compliant distance relay, precise time synchronization device and a substation grade Ethernet switch.

The project included an intensive “proof-of-concept” . The site installation and commissioning will be carried out in Q4-2014 by Thai´s contractor with own personnel with the assistance of experts from ALSTOM GRID/Yin In Tsoi.